How can I prepare for Bank Exams

SBI PO exam notification is out. IBPS PO exam notification will also be out in next few days. So, many people have been asking us what their strategy should be for the next 90 days before the exam. They also keep asking questions like what books to buy, how to manage time etc. We thought this is the best time to write a blog on tips to clear Bank PO exams.

First of all let me tell you that clearing Bank PO exam is not at all a big deal these days, when almost all banks are in a hiring spree. You just need to do your basics right. If you have read our blog on exam pattern of Bank PO exams, you would notice that almost 200-250 questions are asked in about 2-2.5 hours, which comes out to 36 seconds per question. Now this is not easy. No matter how brilliant you are, unless and until you are good with your speed, it is going to be pretty difficult for you. Most of the Bank exams test candidates on speed rather than on your knowledge. So the bigger question is – how can you increase your speed?

Now, this is the easiest part of your preparation, as everyone knows that the only way to improve your speed is by PRACTICE. At the same time, it might be very difficult for people who have always relied on shortcuts. But, there can’t be shortcut to this. So, where should we start with is the next question that comes into mind ?

Obviously, at this point of time it is not advisable to start studying the chapters. This is the time when you are supposed to be fully accustomed with the basics of all the subjects. But never mind, even if you are not aware of a few basics. There are lot of good books available in the market, buy any one of them and start practicing. Also, if you are not in a habit of reading newspapers, we would recommend you to starting reading it from today itself, preferably “The Hindu” and “The Economic Times”. Also, go through Pratiyogita Darpan magazine of the past 6 months, so that you do not miss out on any important news, as most of the questions in General Awareness are asked from events which has happened in last 6 months. For stuffs related to Banking awareness and Marketing, we would advise you to read the study material written by our experts. This might not be sufficient, but you’ll have an overall idea of what to expect in your exam. You can also visit our Facebook page, where we keep posting questions for your practice, which can be very beneficial. We also encourage students to post their questions and doubts on our FB page and we’ll be more than happy to answer your doubts and queries.

Apart from this, you should also start taking one test per week for the next 2 months. You should follow all exam related instructions while giving the test. Please remember that this test is for your benefit and hence, if you use calculator or do not follow any of the instructions, you would be cheating yourself. After the test is over, revise all the answers and see where you have made mistakes and what all questions you could have easily answered but couldn’t. This would help you in improving your score in subsequent tests that you would take.

One month before the exam, you should have evaluated what your strengths and weaknesses are. This would help you in formulating your strategy for the ‘BIG DAY’. Let say, if I found that I am relatively weaker in English as compared to other sections, I would allocate more time for English while giving the test as I need to score a minimum cut-off marks in English to pass the exam. We should also not forget that marks scored in the written exam have almost 80% weightage in the final selection. Hence, scoring more is equally important as qualifying all the sections of the paper. So, you need to score as much as you can in your stronger section.

Once you have made your strategy, you should start taking 2 tests per week in the month before the exam so that you get accustomed to this strategy and if needed you can modify it as and when needed. This would help you in improving your speed and also testing yourself in the real test environment and hence, help in building your confidence which is very critical leading to THE DAY.

Wish you best of luck for your preparation. You can give your feedback on our Facebook page or can also mail us at

Remember that ‘On your day’, you can easily crack any Bank exam. We at Way2bank work to remove ‘On your day’ from that statement.




8 thoughts on “How can I prepare for Bank Exams

  1. HI sir thankyou very much for the information .plz post regarding descriptive part ,(How to prepare.What will be the questions mostly related to ?)and also plz tell me where i get the old question papers for sbi po to prepare thankyou

    • .Hi Venkatesh,

      Though it all depends on your knack…generally speaking if you have a good grounding in the basics like Quant and English, and are regular in updating with current affairs, no more than 3 months should be needed…but if you start afresh and are not so good in maths and LR it make take more time.

  2. Hi..Sir/madam thanku for ur sugestions In bank clerk exams can i read only before 5years question papers in english and many questions will come on this before papers sir…

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