Marketing Syllabus for IBPS Marketing Officer exam

The last specialist officer exam was conducted on 11th March 2012. Around 3 lakh candidates appeared for the exam and around 16000 were called for the interview.

Around 35000 candidates appeared for IBPS Marketing officer exam. Out of that 5800 cleared the exam. Here in this post we will try to make you understand what all you need to study for IBPS marketing questions. The detailed syllabus is designed in chronological order that is you should start your study form point no. 1 and proceed accordingly.

Marketing Syllabus for IBPS Marketing Officer (Scale I) exam

1. Understanding marketing

  • The importance of Marketing
  • What is marketing?
  • Marketing concept and its evolution
  • Marketing & Customer Value
  • Value Delivery Process

2. Analysing market opportunities

  • Environmental Analysis – Analysing Macroenvironment; Demographic Environment; Socio-cultural Environment
  • Consumer Analysis – Consumer Behaviour ; Consumer decision making process; Creating customer Value
  • Competitor Analysis

3. Choosing the Value (STP)

  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning

4. Designing the Marketing Program (Marketing Mix Decisions)

  • Product Decisions – Concept of product; Classification of products; Major product decisions; Product line and product mix; Branding; Packaging and labelling; Product life cycle – strategic implications; New product development and consumer adoption process; Brand management
  • Distribution Channels and Physical Distribution Decisions – Nature, functions, and types of distribution channels; Distribution channel intermediaries; Channel management decisions; Wholesale and store retailing; Non Store retailing; Issues in market logistics.
  • Pricing Decisions – Factors affecting price determination; Pricing policies and strategies; Discounts and rebates.
  • Promotion Decisions – Communication Process; Promotion mix – advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and public relations; Determining advertising budget; Copy designing and testing; Media selection; Advertising effectiveness; Sales promotion – tools and techniques.

5. Marketing Planning and Control

6. Rural Marketing

7. Marketing Research

8. Designing and managing services

9. Business Market (Organizational Buying)



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