A lot has been happening since my last post. LIC ADO is around the corner and many of you would be writing it.
But this one is third in series of INTERVIEW PREPARATION.

Click here for the whole series.

We have had opened this series by explaining:

  • The nature and behavior of Interviewer and how you can be better prepared than him if you understand his accessing requirements out of the interview.
  • We explained how you can focus on ‘YOU AS A PERSON’.

Now let’s discuss about another important aspect: ‘YOU AS A STUDENT ‘.

From a student’s life, the recruiter generally seeks information that is relevant to the profile he is hiring for. It doesn’t really matter to him that how great the student has performed in other areas though a dismal performance, in many of the assignments during student’s career, do has the potential to turn the employer away.
In your case, you are applying to a bank and they expect you to be a graduate.
First step is a cake walk for you.


Now the interviewer will seek following:

  • Do you have decent consistency in you academics? If not, he may ask you the question on the same. But this is subjective and varies from interviewer to interviewer.

Example: Why your marks are so low in 10th Class board examination. Please don’t site any reason like I was ill etc.

MY EXPERIENCE OF INTERVIEWING OTHERS – Convey directly that ‘I believe the results I achieve are an outcome of efforts I put in though external factors do matter sometimes. I didn’t put in 100 % at that time. INTERVIEWER WILL LIKE YOUR HONESTY.

  • Why you opted for banking sector when you could have opted for other sectors with the same graduation degree.

The answer to this question is really tricky and you need to convince the interviewer about: WHY YOU CHOOSE BANKING? What do you stand to gain and what are you expected to lose?

It is subjective and would depend on interviewer to interviewer.

  • The interviewer can ask you questions on your achievements during school or graduation.

It is advisable to tell achievements in reverse chronological order (latest achievements first, oldest in last). Don’t tell achievements prior to class 8th, preferably 10th.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities:                                                                             Interviewer is generally interested in your extra-curricular activities to understand if you are a social person.

They seek answers to such questions like –

Will you fit in a team?
Will you respect other persons?
Does the extra-curricular activity you indulge in works on same characteristic skill/quality as desired by the profile he has to offer?

… And so on.

  • Interest Subjects:

The interviewer would seek your answers on a few questions from area/subject that interests you the most. He may give you a choice on this.


He may have his own favorite area/subject from which he frames the question.

But, the subject would definitely be something you would have read or you were expected to have read.

So, we advise you to be really good at one subject and at least do a cursory reading of the important subjects you would have done during your graduation years.

Following these inputs would help you analyse and prepare better.

In the next post we would talk about ‘YOU AS A PROFESSIONAL’.

Stay Posted!

The author is a management Graduate from a premier B School.
He has worked for nearly 3 years in the industry.
He can be reached through comments on the blog below.
Or through fb page:


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